Friday, 25 January 2013

Fourth Thursday - dinner and a movie

For this weeks Thursday extravaganza, we had a super quick dinner of spanish-inspired chicken stew (think smokey chorizo, white beans and tomatoes) and portuguese custard tarts, before rushing out to the movies.  We saw "Quartet", with Maggie Smith, Tom Courtney, Billy Connolly and Pauline Collins heading the cast.  I have to say it was quite charming and very entertaining.  Highlights were audience reactions to the gardener (whose name was Nobby - much hilarity for middle aged same-sex couples in the audience apparently), and to a couple of choice moments of "language", which seemed much less shocking to me given my British up-bringing.  I was rather surprised to be likened by my peers, to the Michael Gambon character (named Cedric.....and most definitely pronounced "Ceeedric"!).  He spends most of the movie wondering around in various kaftans, kimonos, turbans and the like, screaming orders at people and visibly squirming at anything outside the spectrum of classical music.

Spanish chicken - white beans, smokey chorizo and succulent chicken pieces in a delicious, herby tomato sauce.

The Portuguese custard tarts were so good that we devoured them before I remembered to take a photo.


  1. since when are we "peers?" I thought we were friends.
    So sad

  2. I meant peers as in have the good luck to be both a peer and a friend (even when you liken me to some dotty old codger in a kaftan, shouting abuse at all around!)