Monday, 4 February 2013

Lovely Leuven

City Hall, Leuven
I had to forgo normal service last Thursday, as I was in Belgium for work.  The meetings I attended were held in the lovely Flemish town of Leuven, which I had not previously visited.  We were housed at a very smart hotel, the Martin's Klooster, a former convent which has been very stylishly re-purposed as a  hotel.  I had the good luck to be in one of the rooms in the old part of the hotel...lots of exposed beams, high ceilings and leaded windows.  Although the days were fully scheduled, I arrived the day before the meeting started and managed to get out whilst the sun was shining for a good walk around the city centre.  It's a very charming town, and I am pleased to say that in the couple of restaurants I visited, I was met with very attentive and pleasant service, and lots of help with the Flemish menu.  If you ever want a nice homely meal in the centre of Leuven, in a quiet and cozy spot that's obviously popular with the locals, try the Brasserie Foyer.

This church was adjacent to Martin's Klooster, and I love the highly decoratively pollarded trees, which were found in various locations with the city.

A lovely baroque church in Leuven

Beautiful turreted buildings
Look at the golden boy, striking the clock bell.

This church had beautiful clean lines and delicate decoration.
There were some very stylish shopfronts in Leuven.  Here, a lovely flower boutique.

Same flower boutique, different window.  A real visual feast.

Further down the street, another florist, with a wide variety of spring treats to tempt shoppers,

Wish my neighbourhood shops looked this cute!
I loved this display of hellebores and other hardy plants, that can survive in the relatively mild winter climate in Belgium.

After my trip to Belgium, I was able to fit in a flying visit to see my Mum and family in Scotland, which was fantastic.

We went for a muddy walk in the village I grew up in, close to Aberdeen.

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