Friday, 18 January 2013

Third Thursday

Lamb tagine, heady with fragrant spices, meltingly tender, and presented splendidly.
On the "third Thursday" of 2013, Bobby hosted for the first time this year.  When Bobby hosts, it's always a treat.  Not only is he a prize winning pie-maker (I kid you not....look at the winners at the Rockton World Fair, under "P" for pies), but he is the consumate host, even on a mid-week, "work next morning" occasion.  Last night we were treated to a fabulous lamb tagine, served in the beautiful golden-ochre tagine that he found in a market when we were vacationing in Provence with twelve of our nearest and dearest,  a few years back (imagine fragrant spices, sweet dried fruits and meltingly soft pieces of lamb).  This was followed (after much banter and a bottle of Bevmo-winning Chilean red) by an apparently simple (according to Bobby) olive oil cake, light as a feather, and rich in flavour, accompanied by a delicious "fruits du bois" compote.
I can only apologize for the fact that I fell asleep on the couch, immediately after dinner.....I had a very early morning.
Next turn to host.
Olive oil cake with Fruits du bois compote.   Simple but "oh so delicious"!

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