Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mid January activities - Mozart Festival at the TSO

It's mid January.  I'm in Toronto.  There is no snow on the ground.  It is FOURTEEN DEGREES CELCIUS!
When I first arrived in Toronto, almost 18 years ago, we had snow on the ground from late Nov/early December, until March.  January temperatures were frequently in the range of -10 to -20, even worse with wind chill.  Snowstorms would be so bad, the mayor would call in the army for help.  Well, actually, scratch that last comment, because the one time that happened, it was very dubious as to whether military intervention was truly warranted.
The weather this weekend is warm enough for Mimico residents to go out on Lake Ontario in kayaks.....typically at this time of year, the shoreline is thick with ice, and marinas are frozen over.
These guys were getting in a spot of fishing....and not even ice fishing!  This was happening just off the Mimico shoreline
In any case, I don't normally expect to see unfrozen, bare earth in my garden at this time of year, and I certainly shouldn't be flinging open the windows of the house to let in a balmy breeze.  However, that is what I did yesterday.  I was shocked to see crocuses already poking through the ground, and it looks as though the hellebore I planted last year is very close to blooming.  I know we are about to see temperatures plunge towards freezing again this coming week, but hopefully these wild swings in temperature will not have overly damaging effects on my plants, who should be in deep slumber right now!

These ornamental cabbages have that sort of  "bloom" of fresh growth, and were bejewelled with rain drops.  Very pretty.
Crocuses have broken through the soil surface....about 2 months earlier than they should.
Plenty of flower buds are visible on this hellebore.
On another note, if you ever have the opportunity to hear violinist Augustin Hadelich in must jump at the chance.  I heard him playing Mozart with the Toronto Symphony last night, and it was a truly breathtaking performance.  Attached is a very interesting short biography on this highly gifted performer.

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