Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sixth Thursday

My turn to host, for the 6th Thursday of 2013.  I have realized after 6 weeks, the immense skill of food stylists and photographers in the magazines I love to browse.  No matter how delicious or fragrant the food we have eaten on Thursdays thus far in 2013, the photographs do very little justice.
This week, we dined on:
  •  "toast champignon", inspired by my trip to Leuven the previous week (De absolute bistroklassieker is een smakelijke toast champignon), washed down with a little bubbly to celebrate the recently completed country house purchase of Bobby and Mr. N......a dream regency cottage in Hastings county, which will only be enhanced by it's new owners.  
  • Abbachio alla Romano (Roman roast lamb).....I've been making this easy-peasy Valentina Harris iteration of a Roman classic for years.  This week, it was made with little lamb cutlets, as I couldn't find a roast to cut up into chunks. Results equally gusty and dee-lish.  It only contains 5 ingredients - a case of brilliant simplicity.
  • Meringue gelato cake.  This one came from "Nigellisima".  It's also very easy, and takes the prize for fewest ingredients, at a paltry four (cream, shop bought meringues, a dash of rum and some slivered chocolate).  Although not the most sophisticated dessert in the world, it went down very well, and the fact that it only took about 10 minutes to make mid-week, was highly appreciated by myself!

Toast champignon - recently consumed in the Flemish town of Leuven.

Roman roast lamb, with roasted potatoes and green beans.  This is a hearty, delicious and extremely easy meal.

Not exactly the "Belle of the Ball", but it was rather tasty.....Nigella's Meringue Gelato Cake.  The speed of preparation on a weeknight scored it some bonus points.......just need to work on the presentation!

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