Monday, 17 September 2012

Stucco before and after

Remember my crumbling 90 year old lime stucco?

The stucco above my bathroom window was very deteriorated, and the remainder of this side of the house had plenty of fissures and cracks that were only going to get worse.

Now the western wall of the house is pretty much finished and the scaffolding has been taken down and moved to the front.  It's been done using traditional lime plaster, as per the original.  It looks so clean and lovely!


I'm very excited to see what the house will look like under the vinyl siding, which should be removed shortly.  It's been there since I bought the house, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the house's original facade.

Meanwhile, in the garden, things are starting to take on a look of autumn.

White anemones in full bloom.

I replanted the window boxes a couple of weeks ago, and they are looking lovely now.

I'm very pleased with my bay laurel standard this year  - it's looking very healthy and is starting to fill out at last.  It has to come indoors for the winter, but never seems to mind.

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