Sunday, 30 September 2012

Never say never, nerine

Back in the spring, I found some nerine bulbs at my favourite local nursery, Plantworld.  Recalling how beautiful they are in sheltered, sunny spots in the UK, even as far north as my home town of Aberdeen,  and knowing that they would never survive the frigid Ontario winter, I decided to experiment with planting them in a container I could overwinter indoors.  I was pleased to see strap-like leaves appearing, and watered and fed diligently all summer.  Two or three weeks ago, I was dismayed however, to notice the leaves looking decidedly yellow and about to die....which they promptly did.  I thought my experiment had failed dismally.  However, I'm pleased to report that I noticed today that a great big, swelling flower bud has appeared, as if from nowhere, and it looks like I'll have flowers after all!  The variety is Kodora, which from the packaging seemed to be a strong coral-red.  Stay tuned.
A single flower bud has emerged from my otherwise dormant nerine bulb.  I planted two bulbs, both of which put out some leaves, so perhaps a companion will emerge shortly.

Nerine Kodora

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