Sunday, 30 September 2012

Perfect fall weekend

I thought the weather was going to be dreary this weekend but it turned out to be perfect - nice warm sunshine, perfect blue skies, and an undertone of crispness to the air.  Went on a jaunt to St. Jacob's to get out of town for a few hours.  The trees have already started to turn, and the colours are already quite impressive - every shade from lime green, through vivid yellow, pumpkin-like orange, all the way through to deep mahogany reds.  Hopefully they will be even closer to their peak for the Thanksgiving weekend next week.  I hadn't been to St. Jacobs in about a decade, and was a little surprised by the strip malls and general development since I was last there....but there were still plenty of Mennonite horse buggies and bonneted women scurrying around, and the smell of pig & horse dung was a constant companion all day, so at least it felt like we were truly out in the country.  The highlight for me was the hot, freshly made apple fritters and coffee that we snacked on, out in the sunshine!
A full spectrum of pepper colours

Beautiful fall flowers

Mega cabbages....sauerkraut anyone?

The St. Jacob's farmers market was bustling this weekend.

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