Sunday, 6 May 2012

What a difference.....a year makes

We've clearly had an early spring this year, but after an unseasonably warm blast in March, things did cool off during most of April.  I decided to take a look back at photos from this time last year, to see what a difference a year makes.  Check out the results below:
May 8, 2011: Not much in bloom yet.  Daffodils and forget-me-knots haven't opened up yet.

May 6, 2012: Quite a bit more growth evident on the boxwoods, and daffodils and forget-me-knots are in full force. 
 I did finally also get two of the espalier apple trees that I started off last year in the ground at last.  I have set some metal t-bar tree stakes in cement which is curing as we speak, and I'll run wires between these to support the trees as they are trained.

Listening to extracts from Semele on 96.3's a soundbite for you - Where'er you walk two ways (and they couldn't be more different!).   Rich, resonant and stately, by Ms. Kathleen Ferrier, or bright, youthful and sweet, by Ms. Julie Andrews!


  1. Donald - your garden looks great! And yes, we are weeks ahead of "normal" early May blooms. Loved the music too. I had forgotten what a lovely voice Julia Andrews had!

  2. It has really filled in. Great job!