Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lemon Meringue Cake for a birthday

Last night we had a little low key gathering of friends for drinks to celebrate a birthday.  I hadn't baked anything for ages, so decided this would be a good opportunity to get some practice in, by volunteering to bake the cake.  I turned to what has become an old standby, both because it's simple and quick to produce, and because the results are quite frankly fantastic!  Nigella's lemon meringue cake is a real winner!  It would have been even easier had I been able to use a good store bought lemon curd, but on my travels yesterday, I visited 3 different supermarkets to no avail, and ultimately had to make my own instead.  Not that this was a hardship, since now I have an extra jar of luscious curd in the fridge, waiting for me to indulge with breakfast toast!  I followed Nigel Slater's recipe for the lemon curd, and the accompanying article is a good read too.

PS - I cut the sugar in Nigella's meringue recipe by half, to very good effect.
The cake and meringue are baked in a single operation, making things much quicker and easier than classic lemon meringue pie.  Sandwiched together with whipped cream and fresh lemon curd, the results are nice and fluffy and light in character, if not in calories!

I know it looks like a bit of a "hot mess" (the cake, not the recipient!), but that doesn't diminish how fabulously rich, and creamy and luscious the taste is!

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