Friday, 4 May 2012

Merry month of May

Been a bit busy for blogging of late, and didn't want to bore you with minutiae, but I came home from work today, and found that the nice warm and wet weather this week had really made things spring forth, so I thought it was time to capture some of that.  Things are definitely a little ahead of tulips are nearly in bloom already, and in previous years, that hasn't happened until late May (when I went to France on vacation in 2009, the buds had barely coloured up by the time we left on May 23, and they were still in bloom when we returned at the end of the first week of June!).
tulips are well ahead of schedule in my garden this year

This hosta has recently been potted up, along with some Lady's Mantle and a nerine bulb, which hopefully will come up trumps in the fall

Muscari have bulked up this year

These daffodils are in their third year and the clumps have bulked up nicely now.

They smell so good!

I can't get enough of this chartreusey-limey-yellow at this time of year.

Tulips have survived for another year....they've been coming up reliably for 7 years now.   A couple of clumps look to be dying back, so I'll have the opportunity to try something new when fall bulb planting comes around.

This bleeding heart was a new addition this year - definitely an old time favourite!

Photo isn't doing justice here, but my recently acquired Pink Frost hellebore is still going strong, but the blooms are now a very deep, almost mahogany red.

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