Monday, 5 September 2011

Winter Gardens, Duthie Park, Aberdeen, Scotland

My home town of Aberdeen has long been famous for its beautiful municipal gardens.  Duthie Park is the real jewel in the crown of these municipal spaces, and is a classic example of Victorian philanthropy, having been gifted to the city by Lady Elizabeth Duthie, for the general enjoyment of the populace.  When I was a child, the highlights for me were the paddle boats that could be rented, the pond which was always full of model boats and yachts, but as an adult, the Winter Gardens are a real asset, and when we arrived in Aberdeen in the middle of July, with torrential rain all around, a Saturday afternoon at the Winter Gardens was the perfect tourist activity.  The collection of cacti and succulents is the second largest in the UK, after the Eden Project in Cornwall.  Here's a slideshow from our trip.

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