Monday, 29 August 2011

Chamber Music

Recital tomorrow - I'm part of the Dvorak bagatelles, and then the others will be joined by a talented clarinetist for Mozart's clarinet quintet, which is heavenly.  The talented clarinetist is apparently also a talented double-bass player (go figure!), and so next year, we have decided to tackle the Trout Quintet.  I played it about 20 years ago, when a student, although I think we only performed a couple of movements at a college music evening.  Anyway, I'll need to start practicing already for next year.....this clip, featuring Clifford Curzon and the Amadeus Quartet, filmed at Aldeburgh, captures the energy of the piece.  It also alternately makes me quiver with excitement, and feel sick with terror at having try to get that level of agility!  I think I need to practice scales with velocity for the next 12 months.  Maybe I need to start piano lessons again too!

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