Sunday, 17 June 2012

Mid-June progress update

Distinct lack of time for writing, so a visual post only today.  Garden is holding up well despite relative neglect!
These sweet williams were supposed to be biannual, but I've had them for years now.

Rosemary bushes are now growing away strongly and the powdery mildew that was afflicting them appears to have resolved.

The window boxes are starting to fill up.

Hope this caterpillar is not munching through these leaves - looked like he was just hanging out.

Geraniums are starting to coming into their peak now.

New Dawn is quite lovely now.

And the front garden is bursting out all over.  Lavender, coreopsis, roses and salvia are the main players.

If I get a chance next weekend, I'm going to buy a couple more lavender plants to fill the gaps that have emerged in my little hedge.

My tiny rose garden is at it's peak...I must get out there and do some dead heading though!

The single carnations have a lovely classic clove scent.

2 out of 3 of my delphiniums didn't make it through the winter, which is a pity, because the one that survived looks great right now.

A torrid jumble of colour and form!


Graham Thomas and Caramel Fairy Tale

Caramel Fairy Tale - it's not so bad once the blooms are fully open, but it's too orangey for my scheme

Dew drops on the tips of Alchemilla little jewels

These leaves belong to a nerine which I'm trying for the first time in a pot, with alchemilla and hosta for companions.

Lots of buds on lilies and carpet rose.  I have spotted evidence of Japanese lily beetles and have been trying to make sure I squish any larvae that I see, and wash the leaves with dish soap.  Hope that keeps devastation at bay!


  1. You have a lovely garden, despite the lack of time. I wish I could walk through your fragrance garden, it must be wonderful.

  2. Thanks Masha! Every time I look at your blog, I wish I had more space in my garden! You have such an amazing collection of truly beautiful and interesting roses. Mine were doing quite well this year, but we've had a sudden intense heatwave, and they are not enjoying the humid heat. They are mostly repeat bloomers though, so all is not lost!