Sunday, 3 June 2012

Early June blooms

No time for a proper post, so in the interests of helping myself keep track from year to year, a few photos of current status of the front yard.  Glad to report we had substantial rain on Friday, and sporadic showers since, so plants look considerably refreshed!
Achillea moonshine is adding a vibrant, sulphur yellow and lovely silvery foliage.  It's doing well , and divisions I made in summer last year have also come up beautifully.

The bronze fennel that I mulched up over the winter has gone gangbusters, and the second year plants are thick and full and sturdy.  It's the first year I've had this success, so I will be repeating this from now on.

These pyrethrums are in their 3rd year now, and finally have formed a good clump, which hasn't flopped over this year!  The fleabane next to them has also been a real hit - it was a freebie that come in a job-lot from Greg's grandmother's garden.

These salvias were planted last year, and have produced a really strong showing this year.....

As has this clematis, also in it's second year.  It's planted alongside a later blooming specimen, so they work well at covering up a municipal guy-wire. 
Fragrant dianthus.

This Allium nectaroscordum has been in the garden for several years, but has only ever put out one or maybe two blooms.  This year there are six, so I can only assume more sunlights due to removal of the locust tree last year, and the mild winter have suited it well.  

Photo isn't quite doing it justice, but the individual flower heads are just lovely, and the whole bloom looks like something from a William Morris print.

The peonies have burst open this weekend....a little earlier than normal.

My other alliums are setting seed and looking nicely sculptural.

Adore this peony, which was one of the plants that was in the garden when I bought the house.

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