Sunday, 15 May 2011

Play delayed by rain

Rain all weekend, so little by way of gardening, although it did give time for some last minute preparations for the first gig for the Spinnaker Ensemble, at the Mimico Cruising Club, which seemed to go off very well, despite a few nervous moments.   

ORDER OF WORK - May 15th 2011

  • went out briefly in the rain to plant my latest clematis purchase, "Special Occasion", which will be the partner to "Gravetye Beauty" (recently relocated from the backyard, to the front), whose name suddenly popped into my head a day or two ago, after I had maddeningly forgotten it.  Hopefully the two will soon be joined in a loving embrace, to cover up chicken wire and municipal guy-wire, which is admittedly even more of an eyesore since embelishment with a chicken wire armature.
  • must pot up the ornamental cabbages and currant tomatoes before the day is done.

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