Thursday, 25 October 2012

Before and After - house facade renovation

I'm delighted with the way the renovation on the exterior of my house turned out.  I had a section of very crumbly 85 year old stucco that needed replacing, and took the opportunity to also re-reveal the original facade of my house, which had been under a mask of vinyl siding for many years.  Here are the before and after shots, and a couple of pics of what is still surviving (and thriving) in my late October garden.
Before - vinyl siding galore

After - Tudor charm

cold nights have given this kale a nice colour

Rosemary in bloom

My bay tree is finally starting to look more like the ball standard that I want

A single nerine bloom

Beautiful white anemones are flowering profusely.


  1. Being an architect at heart, I love seeing what you have done to the house. It really is done well. Jack

  2. I LOVE the new look! Our first home was a French styled home with stucco and wood. Still have so many pleasant thoughts about that house!