Monday, 19 March 2012

Mellow yellow

Spring always make me think of yellow, because when I was growing up in Scotland it seemed like almost all of the spring flowers in my parents garden were yellow - aconites, crocuses, primroses and daffodils.  While I wait for some of my own yellow flowers to erupt (not long now given the record breaking temperatures in Ontario), here are some yellow-themed shots from my photo album for inspiration.....along with some yellow inspired music in the form of Vivaldi's flute concerto with the nickname "the goldfinch".

Yellow formality at Pitmedden Gardens, Aberdeenshire 
stately ligularia

Yellow and blue is definitely a winning combination

Bright, sulphur yellow achilleas go well with almost any other flowers

I want to try these spectacular centaurea macrocephala in my garden, but they look like they would need more room than I can spare!

Love this garden in shades of yellow, cream and chartreuse at Crathes Castle

Love the layering of yellow ligularia with hot coloured dahlias

The buttery yellow outlining the windows of this cottage were beautifully picked up by yellow climbing roses, at Culross

Need help from readers to identify this beauty - I think it may be a verbascum growing through some irises

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Yellow mulleins at Cruickshank Botanical Garden, Aberdeen

A perfect single bloom on a very spiny cactus at the Duthie Park

If the sunshine isn't enough to make you smile in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this beautiful bright yellow house should cheer you up!

A punch of yellow broom, in a Cote du Rhone vinyard

And a little Vivaldi to finish things off....courtesy of Emmanuel Pahud and the Australian Chamber Orchestra


  1. I adore achilleas, although I've never had enough sun to grow them. BTW, do you speak with a Scotch accent?

    1. The accent has modified after so many years away from Scotland, and I don't think there's much left.....but others sometimes beg to differ! I just got an iPhone, and if I try to do dictation on it, it certainly picks up that there are differences. RRRRRound and RRRRRRound the RRRRRagged RRRRock the RRRRagged RRRRascal RRRRan.
      PS - I feel your agony on the dilema with your magnolia! It looks so beautiful, but if it constrains all of your gardening for the rest of the year due to shade issues, can you afford to keep it?!?!

  2. The gardens at Crathes Castle look stunning.
    Centaurea macrocephala was the very first thing I grew from seed. It was all very exciting when the yellow tufts emerged from that rustic basketry.

    1. Crathes is quite stunning, and there are dozens of other wonderful castles and gardens in the area, so it's well worth a visit in the summer.