Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A little piece of the mediterranean.....but where?

Where do you think this is? Amalfi Coast? Santorini? Malaga? Provence?

Ok, surely Provence.....makes me think of the Luberon

But look at that massive rosemary....now that makes me think it must be the Aegean.  And I think you only get a sky like that in Greece

Figs - Greece for sure
Hmmm, now artichokes definitely make me lean more toward Italy or France

Hang on.....that looks more like Denmark...or Holland....

Quite clearly Northern Europe
Ok, I'm sure you are tired of the guessing game by now.  All is revealed:


Located just across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh, on a chunk of land that looks like the profile of a scottie dog, in the Kingdom of Fife, Culross is a quaint village to visit.  The main attraction is the charming "Culross Palace", a National Trust for Scotland property, not so much a Palace as a gem of 16th century luxury.  The day we visited last July was picture-postcard perfect, and the steeply terraced garden of the Palace was baking in the sun, sheltered from cold sea breezes, and radiating heat from the ancient stone walls all through the garden.  As you can see from the photos, on a warm day, it feels very much like it would belong on the Mediterranean coast.  The garden is jam packed with huge rosemary, lavender and sage bushes, artichokes, bay laurels, figs, roses, centranthus, poppies, santolina and boxwoods.  The paths are cleverly lined with small clam shells instead of pea gravel, and the chickens were not at all camera shy! Hmmm.....I can smell the herby fragrance! Lovely!  Enjoy!


  1. Fife looks like a scottie dog? Well, I can't argue with your photos: it looks wonderful! Who took the amazing pics? ;)

  2. You have to use your imagination for the scottie dog.....it's just the head and shoulders, so you won't see four legs and a tail! Photos are just my holiday snaps.

  3. Ah, very clever Donald. So much knowledge of Aberdeen and now The Kingdom of Fife where my daughter and grandson lives (East Wemyss) Hope you are finding your way around blotanical.

  4. I did enjoy my visit to your Blog, especially like the pictures of January 21. I always like seeing other homes. You must have had a great visit. I have never been to Scotland. I feel envy coming on! Here on Lake MIchigan, like Toronto where you live the water is a big influence not only on live here but on the beauty of the garden. I try to make it a backdrop for many of my posted photos. I did enjoy the photos you have. Jack

    1. Thanks for your kind note - I really enjoyed visiting your blog too. I can highly recommend a visit to Scotland!