Saturday, 9 July 2011

In the pink

For the last few weeks my garden has been predominated by a yellow and purple colour scheme, with roses, lady's mantle, and  achillea providing the yellow, and aquilegia, veronica, salvia and delphiniums providing purple and blues.  But now that we are in mid-summer, a streak of pink has become the most eye catching feature, with lilies and some carpet roses coming into bloom.  It's nice to see a distinct transition into mid-summer, particularly given the heat of the last few days here in Toronto.  I'm really pleased that despite early signs of impending doom, the alien invasion was averted!  I'm also very happy to see that my lavender hedge, whilst still not quite a hedge, has filled in a bit in year 2, and by next year, I hope it will be quite a feature.  There are also a number of self-seeded baby lavender plants around, so I can use them to fill in a couple of gaps.

I love the look of these tall lilies before the buds burst - very sculptural

The window boxes are filling in and add a bit of old world charm

The first of the lilies are opening up

This white eryngium has taken on its frosting of white.  I like  how it stands out against a see of green, and that it picks up the grey of russian sage and white echinacea

You can start to see the line of my lavender hedge starting to form, now that the plants are in the second year

Delphiniums are still doing well.  The lady's mantle is a nice contrast
I really wish I could make the fragrance of these gardenias come across the blogosphere!
The New Dawn rose is at its peak now, and the flowers are engulfing my potted fig
I have a baby fig!  If it doesn't drop off, it will be my first!

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  1. Your cup overfloweth! A fig to boot! I especially am envious of your lavender hedge. Mine is not as resplendent. I think I might be watering too much. Hope you're enjoying your Summer!