Friday, 24 June 2011

The Caramel Fairy is more like the Wicked Witch

A rose posy, featuring Elina, Graham Thomas and yellow carpet roses.

My new rose garden has burst into bloom, and the plants seem vigorous, rude with health and prolific in bloom.  The garden is a little soggy for outdoor photography today, so I brought a few blooms in to enjoy in the dining room.  Notable by its absence is the Caramel Fairy.  Although the plant is as healthy and full of bloom as the others in my tiny rose garden, it is by far the ugly stepsister, black sheep, odd man get the drift.  If you remember, my plan was to have a small selection of different forms and habits, all in shades of yellow, the idea being to have some sense of variety, but in a muted and harmonious way, given that the "rose garden" is a circle about 5 feet in diameter.  Caramel Fairy is not at all the faded amber I had expected (about which, by the way, I had some misgivings in first place), but instead is a kind of nasty, faded, dusty looking salmony-peachy-tangerine colour.  It looks like those old fashioned wax flowers that Victorians liked to keep under glass domes in their parlours, or like a plastic rose that's been left unattended at a grave for several years.  All in all, rather a disappointment.  I'll dig it up in the fall - let me know if you'd like it for a corner of your garden!

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